SecURLy Classroom Updates

Sample SecURLy module provided by company as a test module. Screen shows examples of how the platform looks.
(The above image is part of training materials provided by SecURLy and do not feature any OSD students or staff)

SecURLy is our district web filtering and automated health/safety system for our student Chromebooks. SecURLy Classroom helps classroom teachers monitor student engagement during the school day, guide students’ browsing, and communicate through chat and announcements.

SecURLy Classroom has just released a new user interface, called Nucleus. You can choose to use the original view or switch to the new view. All of the features you use will still be there, it will just look a little different. In addition, there are some exciting new features in Nucleus. Those new features include:

  • Preventing side-by-side windows (force maximize)
  • Close a tab and add the site to a blocklist
  • Add site to multiple blocklists at once
  • Choose end time instead of class length
  • Auto apply site lock at start of class
  • Bring a selected tab to the front
  • Ability to schedule class sessions to start automatically

To switch to the new view in SecURLy Classroom, click “Switch to Nucleus UI” in the upper right corner on the SecURLy CLassroom page.

For more information on these changes read What’s New in Classroom 8.1, complete the SecURLy Classroom module in the OSD Tech Tools self-paced PD, or contact the instructional technology TOSAs (Jamie Sproul, Sharyn Merrigan, or Bob O’Donnell).