Student art celebrating Black History Month and Black American Artists on display at district office

Wall quilt made up of paper painted art squares

A colorful wall quilt of painted paper art squares created by LP Brown Elementary students in celebration of Black History Month and Black American Artists is on display at the Knox 111 Administrative Center.

The quilt, made by LP Brown students in kindergarten through grade 5 under the direction of art teacher Divina Clark, is part of a larger display of student artwork from various schools and grade levels featured on a wall across from the Knox Board Room.

The “Celebrating Black American Artists through the Art of Quilts” quilt is made up of 21 art squares that students created using tempera paint and paint sticks.

Learning objectives, which are posted on the wall next to the quilt, are described as the following:

Students learned the practice of Understanding Art Worlds (Artist Habits of Mind) – learning about Black American artists, Alma Woodsey Thomas (painter and retired art teacher) and quilters from African slaves during the Civil War era through a children storybook, “Show Way” written by renowned author, Jacqueline Woodson. Students learned about the art of quilt making and quilt patterns. Students learned about patterns by creating an art piece through the concept of using the elements of art such as line, shape and color; and, by using tempera paints and/or tempera paint sticks.