Calling all OSD artists from novice to professional! Submit nature/scenic entries for blog

Sunset over the Knox 111 Administrative. Building March 2 2022. Trees frame the night sky.
Sunset over the Knox 111 Administrative Center. Photo by OSD Communications and Community Relations.

As a fun addition to our weekly staff blog, we invite employees to send us photos of their artwork portraying nature (e.g. landscapes, sunrises or sunsets, an interesting cloud formation, a close-up of a flower – the possibilities are endless). Your image could be something you captured on canvas, in a photograph, on a textile, in a pencil, charcoal or pastel drawing, with wire, etc.


  • Nature/scenic images only (no people or pets please).
  • Send photographs of your art in jpeg or png format to The higher the resolution, the better.
  • Photos must be in-focus and cropped so the art is visible.
  • Include your name, title, work location, and if applicable, where the image was taken (you can name the city, for example, or provide even more specific details (e.g. sunset taken from Long Beach, WA). This information will be included with each image published.

Depending on the number of images submitted, we will print one or more in each issue of the staff blog.

Note: While the staff blog is emailed to OSD employees, if anyone shares the link it could mean your image is visible to others outside our district. If you are concerned about copyright of your image, we would suggest you not submit for posting.

Now that you know the basics, don’t hesitate to start sending away! Email us at