Explore the Kami Library

Image shows Trending Resources in the Kami LIbrary, including Frayer Model, Gratitude Journal, digital Notebook, Ludo, Venn Diagram 2 Circles, Checkers, Chutes & Ladders, and Notice and Wonder Notes

Kami has just released the Kami Library, a collection of ready-to-go and editable templates. In the library you can find graphic organizers, activities, SEL check-ins and more. The Kami library can be accessed by clicking the Kami extension in Chrome or by visiting https://www.kamiapp.com/library. Templates from the library can be opened and edited using Kami or downloaded for printing. Kami is a PDF annotation tool that runs as an extension in Chrome and is fully integrated in Schoology. More information on Kami and how to use it with students can be found in the Kami module of the OSD Tech Tool PD Series.