Upcoming retirement webinars, including during Spring Break

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The Department of Retirement Systems’ Education & Outreach team is happy to announce that additional webinars will be offered during spring break for school employees. To join a Zoom webinar, visit the DRS webinar page and select the name of the webinar from the list of topics. We recommend joining 5-10 minutes early to check sound and connection. 

If you are unable to attend a live webinar, the following on-demand webinar videos can be viewed at your convenience:

Get to know the plans

Choosing a plan (new members of PERS, SERS, TRS) – recently updated
DCP (Washington State Deferred Compensation Program)
Plan 1 (PERS)
Plan 1 (TRS)
Plan 2 (PERS, SERS, TRS)
Plan 3 (PERS, SERS, TRS)
Multiple Plans (dual membership)

Financial Wellness

Estimate your benefit
Investment basics
Online tools & resources – recently updated

Withdrawals and retirement

Early retirement (PERS, SERS, TRS)
Purchasing an annuity (incl annuity service credit) – recently updated
DCP withdrawals (distributions from supplemental savings) – recently updated
Plan 3 withdrawals (distributions from investments) – recently updated
Benefit options (survivorship) – recently updated
Working after retirement (PERS, SERS, TRS)

Nearing Retirement Seminar

Getting ready for retirement
Applying for retirement (tutorial of the online application)
Social Security basics
Health care in retirement (includes Medicare)
VEBA (HRA) – recently updated

If you are planning to retire soon, I also recommend reading the following DRS article: When is the best time to retire?