Spring Panorama Survey: April 18 – May 6

Graphic that says Panorama Spring Survey for Students, Staff & Families with the dates open to take the survey

Staff, students and families are invited to take the Panorama Well-Being Screener Survey April 18 – May 6.

There is one survey link for classroom teachers and other instructional staff, and another survey link for all other district staff. The survey link for families is posted on the district website, and students will receive the link in the OSD Student Portal.

Background Information and Survey Results

The Panorama Survey data has been crucial in shaping our district priorities, School Improvement Plans (SIPs) and Strategic Plan.

Full information and Fall 2021 survey results can be accessed on our public-facing Teaching & Learning (T&L) Panorama Survey Webpage.

State Expectations for Well-Being Screener

We are in Year 2 of implementing our Panorama Well-Being Screener Survey. OSD got a head start on implementation by launching in 2020-21 to get a temperature check on what students, staff and families needed during remote learning. Then, the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) began requiring every district to have a Well-Being Screener in 2021–22 as part of Recovery Plans, which our OSD Board of Directors had already committed to within our Academic and Student Well-Being Recovery Plan (2021).

Supports for Implementing our Panorama Well-Being Screener

Our goal is to ensure we capture the voices of students, staff and families impacted by the policies and systems we operate in. To have a strong conclusion in our data, below outlines our goal for Spring 2022, and the T&L internal webpage for Panorama includes resources to support schools with implementation.

Response Rates: Fall 2021 Actual Compared to Spring 2022 Goal*

  • Students: 74.1% (5,857 total) compared to 85-90%
  • Families: 19.6% (1,593 total) compared to 25-30%
  • Staff: 48.4% (669 total) compared to 70-80%

*This percentage is based on the national determination from Panorama for a valid and reliable data set.

Strong Response Rates are Important

Strong response rates help provide credible data for analysis and intervention in support of students, families and educators based on trends.

Implementing the Spring Panorama Survey

Below is a calendar of supports being provided in partnership with Teaching & Learning team members and schools for Panorama spring Implementation. A toolkit with additional ideas to support implementation is on the T&L internal webpage for Panorama.

April 18 – May 6: Panorama spring survey is live
April 20, 5:30-7 p.m.: Multilingual Panorama Night*
April 27, 5:30-7 p.m.: Multilingual Panorama Night*
May 10, Panorama Survey ready for review

*Multilingual Panorama Nights are events to support our families who are multilingual with completing the Panorama Survey and making meaning of the survey together. The events will have food and childcare.  

Who to Contact

The best way to access partnership and service through our Teaching & Learning (T&L) Team is by emailing: Knox-K12TeachLearn@osd.wednet.edu.

The Panorama Implementation Team, consisting of site-based educators and Knox leaders, is facilitated by Director of Whole Child Success Char Franz, whose contact information is at the bottom of our public-facing T&L Website.

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