Fundamental Course of Study training for paraeducators hired before 2021-22 school year

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This is an update on the Fundamental Course of Study (FCS) training for those paraeducators hired before the 2021-22 school year. This training is part of the Paraeducator Certificate Program. You are required to take the second 14 hours of training (out of 28) during your second year as a paraeducator.

The required 14 hours are now available asynchronously. You can register on pdEnroller using the links provided below.

FCS 03 – Technology Basics (2 hours)
FCS 05 – Roles & Responsibilities (3 hours)
FCS 06 – Equity (3 hours)
FCS 07 – Behavior Management, Including De-escalation (2 hours)
FCS 08 – Child & Adolescent Development (2 hours)
FCS 09 – Emergency Health & Safety (1 hour)
FCS 12 – Communication Challenges (1 hour)

All 14 hours are due no later than July 31, 2022. You must click the attendance link at the end of each course and submit your information for tracking purposes. Once completed, you should receive a clock hour form(s) from the ESD 113. A copy of your clock hour forms should be sent via email to April Pigue at for tracking purposes. Please keep the original clock hour forms for your records.

Synchronous training (via Zoom) for units 05, 06, 07, 08 and 09 was offered earlier in the year with the ESD 113. If you missed some of the units, you can use the links provided to complete the remaining training. Please note that FCS03 and FCS12 were always asynchronous. If you have already completed all 14 hours, please disregard. 

If you still need to complete the first 14 hours of the FCS, you may view and register for the required courses on the OSD website by clicking here.

For Questions About:

pdEnroller/Registration Help: Dianna Avery at
Tracking/Remaining Units: April Pigue at
General FCS Inquiries (Secondary Paras): Aja Dale at
General FCS Inquires (Elementary Paras): Laura Emmil at

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