Thinking about retiring or resigning from OSD?

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At this time of year, the Human Resources department begins to receive numerous resignation/retirement notifications from employees. The district would like to assist in making the transition as easy as possible. A Notice of Separation form helps to ensure that your separation from the district is processed how you envision. Your last physical working day and/or your effective separation date (if different) can have an impact on the timing of your last paycheck, when your benefits will end (if applicable), and your retirement benefits (if applicable).

If you have decided to separate from service, please complete a Notice of Separation form and submit the completed form to the Human Resources Department for processing. Please note that the employee is still responsible for informing their building principal and/or supervisor.

For questions, please contact your HR contract specialist:

Cassie Lewis –
OTPAA, OEAPA, and Teamster units (Food Services, Technology, Transportation, Custodians, Maintenance and Grounds)

Elementary Paraeducators, Knox Paraeducators, Bus Monitors, Classified Administrators, and Non-Represented positions

Secondary Paraeducators (including ORLA) and Coaches

OEA (Teachers & Itinerant Staff), Principals, and Certificated Administrators