Certificated and Admin educators: Save the date for Whole Child Institute August 17-18

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Creating opportunities and shaping success for all students

Update August 16, 2022: This event has been canceled.

Purpose: Provide logistics about the 2022 Whole Child Institute taking place on Wednesday (8/17) & Thursday (8/18) from 8:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. in-person and virtually as an optional professional development experience for Certificated and Admin Educators.

To:  Certificated and Admin Educators
From:  Dr. Hannah Gbenro, Char Franz, Paula Perryman, and Sheralyn Weimer

Thank you for your commitment to equity in the interest of our students, families and community. Please consider joining us for the Second Annual Whole Child Institute (WCI). At WCI, Olympia School District (OSD) Educators will have an opportunity to collaborate with each other through activities that focus on culturally responsive practices, community building, student empowerment and partnering to plan forward for making a difference together in the new school year.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When is it? Where is it? Who is coming?

  • *August 17 – 18, 2022 from 8:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.
  • Capital High School
  • Certificated and Admin Educators

*Lunch will be provided

How can I be compensated for engaging in learning through WCI?
As Certificated Educators, you can use your Olympia Educator Association (OEA) Professional Development Hours for engaging in professional growth through WCI.

What is the focus of WCI 2022? What does Whole Child mean?
Our goal is to ensure students are healthy, safe, supported, engaged and academically challenged; this is a foundational commitment woven within our OSD Student Outcomes. Our Whole Child strategy supports students, so they’ll be successful in school and in life. Whole Child practices from our Boardroom to our classrooms and within our day-to-day work are more relevant today than ever before; each step we take toward breathing life into a Whole Child system is what our students need and what they deserve. With culturally responsive social-emotional learning, inclusivity and anti-racism at the heart of our efforts to intentionally meet the opportunities of our students, a Whole Child approach is a natural fit.

What will WCI be like? Will there be breakout sessions?
WCI will involve Breakout Sessions and Workshops. This will support collaboration and opportunities for leadership.

Breakout Sessions

  • Content Collaboration Groups: These Breakout Sessions involve collaboration with job-alike Educators. Our educators reported feeling like they want training and materials that can help them hit the ground running as early as the first day of school. These groups are led and created by content leaders to support the vertical and horizontal alignment of high-quality practices rooted in equity, data-informed and student-centered approach. These groups will run on August 17 from 9:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m.
  • (Update August 1, 2022) Current Content Collaboration groups include: K-12 School Counselors, K-12 Music, Elementary Family Liaisons, 4th-12th grade Comprehensive Sexual Health Education.
  • More Content Collaboration Groups will be defined as Educators register for WCI.
  • Whole Child Breakout Sessions: These workshops invite educators from different roles to grow their practices to ensure that our students and their families receive high-quality and equity-focused practices.

Workshops during WCI will include professional development customized for you. With a focus on practices for furthering the Whole Child, Whole Educator and Whole Community approach within your role.

How can I get involved?

You are talented, and we need you! Please consider presenting a workshop at WCI 2022 by filling out a workshop proposal on this form.

Workshop proposals will be reviewed by a panel of OSD Educators based on alignment to (a) focus of WCI 2022 and (b) State and National best practices within the given content area/focus. Workshops will be 90-minutes long, interactive experiences.

Workshops can be submitted through Wednesday, August 10 and presenters will be notified by August 12 if they have been accepted. We apologize for the quick turnaround, and we look forward to enhanced communication opportunities next year.

When filling out the form, we will ask for:

  1. Workshop Title
  2. Workshop Description
  3. Your First and Last Name
  4. Brief Professional Biography

[For your information] The form provides the following information to potential presenters – Technology & Resources Available. Room Set-Up and Participant Access to Technology.

Who do I contact with questions?
Please complete this form and a member of the T&L Team will respond within 24-hours.

How do I register? When will I learn more?
More information will come through an email toward the beginning of the Week of August 8 about:

  • More details on the Content Collaboration Groups we’re officially hosting and specific breakout sessions
  • Registration information (e.g., PD Enroller, Dietary Restrictions information for lunch, etc.,) and clock hours

T&L Team Vision: To Partner with stakeholders in the interest of furthering our Student Outcomes through the lens of equity.

T&L Team Mission: With equity at the forefront, our T&L Team Mission is to equip, empower, and collaborate with stakeholders for increased individual and collective potential for the benefit of the Whole Child, Whole Educator, & Whole Community.