Panorama Fall Survey scheduled October 3-14

OSD Logo with words underneath reading "Panorama Fall Survey for Students, Staff & Families"

During the first two weeks of October, OSD students, staff and families will be asked to participate in the Panorama Fall Survey.

Here is a quick overview:

What: The Panorama Fall Survey is a survey that our students, families and staff members will take to gauge our overall well-being. Some of the items we explore include:

  • Do our students feel a strong sense of belonging?
  • Do our families feel like they are heard?
  • Do our staff feel supported?

The data that we receive from the Panorama survey will inform decision-making.


  1. Using Panorama makes the well-being of students, our families, and our staff the fundamental value in all decision-making and actions.
  2. The Panorama climate survey (in Fall and in Spring) is the bare minimum of hearing from our students and our families to inform our decision-making.
  3. The Panorama Climate Survey allows us to get a temperature check of where we are as a community. It allows us to see where we may need to dive deeper into our data to be intentional in our support. While we need to make sure we have multiple ways of hearing from and partnering with our students and families, the climate survey is one of the unique opportunities in which we can potentially hear from all of our students and families.


Panorama Fall Survey: October 3 – 14, 2022
Panorama Spring Survey: March 16 – 31, 2023

(Please check with your school when it will host the Panorama Fall Survey)  


  • Students will take the Panorama survey in class (as designated by each school).
  • Staff and families will be emailed a Panorama survey link to complete.
  • Surveys are provided in multiple languages including English, Spanish and Vietnamese.