Equity Policy focus groups to begin in early November

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The following is submitted by Ryan Howland, OSD director of projects and grants. Howland supports the work of the Equity Policy Steering Committee along with Facilitator Kimberlee Armstrong, Ed.D.

District policy is the cornerstone of implementing systemic change within a school district. We are closer to creating a district Equity Policy that uniquely represents all students, staff and families in Olympia.

The OSD Equity Policy Steering Committee (EPSC) is launching student-first and community-driven Equity Policy Focus Groups, starting with student-first focus groups in early November. Students, employees or community members who would like to host a focus group and share the information collected with the district have three options:

  1. Invite District Equity Focus Group Team members to moderate a focus group at a mutually agreed upon time and location;
  2. Invite District Equity Focus Group Team members to co-moderate a focus group on-site; OR,
  3. Self-facilitate a focus group and share data gathered with OSD.

Self-facilitated focus group moderators will have access to an EPSC Focus Group Toolkit, which provides an outline for how to lead a focus group along with important considerations from subject matter experts. Focus group moderators may also attend evening sessions with facilitator Kimberlee Armstrong, Ed.D., to receive additional training and preparation and have questions answered before their focus group takes place.

Stay tuned for more information about the Equity Policy Development process, including how to sign up for a focus group. Information is also available on the Equity Policy Development webpage on the district website.

Please send questions to equity@osd.wednet.edu and someone will contact you as soon as possible.