Equity Policy Focus Groups set to launch in mid-January

Equity Policy Development Committee Facilitator Kimberlee Armstrong leads winter retreat in board room. She stands next to screen welcoming committee to meeting on December 10, 2022.

Stay tuned for an announcement in early January about how students, staff, families and community members can sign up to participate with in-person or online focus groups to provide feedback that will help inform the development of an OSD Equity Policy.

More than a dozen staff, students, families and community members, including several Olympia School Board members, gathered with Equity Policy Steering Committee Facilitator Dr. Kimberlee Armstrong on Saturday, December 10 to plan next steps.

The Equity Policy will be collaboratively designed with the community to ensure a more inclusive school and work culture that promotes equity and addresses systemic and institutional barriers that have historically marginalized students, staff and families.

To learn more about the committee’s work, visit the Equity Policy Development webpage.