Equity Policy Stakeholder Focus Groups Launch Kicks Off January 2023

OSD Equity Focus Groups graphic

The OSD Equity Policy Steering Committee invites you to host or participate in a focus group to share your thoughts, ideas, and recommendations. The information collected will inform the district’s plan for delivering education and services in a culturally appropriate and just environment.

Are you able to provide insights, unique perspectives, and personal experiences on the topic of equity? If yes, then we invite you to lead a focus group!

To make the process go smoothly, we have a focus group moderator toolkit that has valuable information like:

  • Planning the Discussion,
  • Reviewing the Process,
  • Setting Norms,
  • A script to guide the conversation, complete with questions,
  • And how to follow up with participants.

Please visit the OSD Equity Policy Development webpage for more information or select one of the links below: