A friendly reminder: Check your spam folder periodically

The following is a submission from Dave Baird, Network Systems Administrator in the Technology Department

When was the last time you checked your spam or junk email folder? Once in a while, a legitimate email can be sent to your spam folder instead of your inbox. We recommend that you check your spam folder periodically for legitimate emails that have been sent there by mistake. If you do find a message that has been accidentally marked as spam, you can fix this by taking one of the following actions:

  1. Select the message which has been marked as spam and click Not Spam at the top of your inbox.
Image showing how to mark something in the spam folder as Not spam.

2. At the top of the message, there will be a grey text box, which explains why this message was flagged as spam. To unmark this as spam, click Report not spam at the bottom of this text box.

Image showing how to report not spam when reviewing items in a spam folder

After following one of these actions, the message will be moved back into your inbox and out of the spam folder. Monitoring your spam folder will help to ensure that future messages from this sender are not flagged as spam. Additionally, adding colleagues to your Google Contacts can help with proper mail delivery.