Individual Professional Growth Grant applications for 2022-23 school year due by April 1

Letter tiles spell out Application

The Teaching and Learning Department is pleased to announce the opening of Individual Professional Growth Grants (IPGG) for the period of June 1, 2022 to August 31, 2023 (only courses completed during this time frame will be considered).

Grant Applications Closes: April 1, 2023 by 5 p.m.
Documentation of Personal Payment Due: August 30, 2023 (final date for submission)

For IPGG applications to be considered applicants must:

  • Complete all questions within the IPGG grant application
  • Upload the Professional Development Verification Document
  • Answer Prompt 1 and Prompt 2
  • Provide receipts and verification of attendance or explanation

Examples of Professional Development the IPGG Grants can fund:

  • Conference Registration Fees
  • Workshop Registration Fees
  • Tuition for Coursework
  • Fees for National Board Certification

Supports for writing the IPGG grant application:
IPGG Rubric: Rubric for Prompts and examples of Distinguished, Proficient, and Basic answers.

The IPGG is only available to active members of the OEA bargaining unit.

For the complete IPGG grant information and to apply for the IPGG grant:

IPGG Application Packet

If you have further questions about the application process, please email Melissa Hayes at