Spring into Energy Savings with These Five Power Moves

These energy-saving tips come to us courtesy of Jenna Davidson, Olympia School District’s new Sustainability Associate (in partnership with Climate Corps and Puget Sound Energy).

Turn the Lights Off
Remember you can reduce energy by turning the lights off when you leave or turning fewer lights on where possible.

Unplug After Play
Unplug when you’re done! Appliances can draw energy even when on standby.

Close the Door
By keeping the doors and windows shut, the HVAC system will keep the heat in or out and bring in outside air for optimal room temperature.

Let the Light In
Take advantage of sunlight in the classroom and turn the overhead lights off, or hold the class outside!

Curtail Heat with Curtains
Closing the curtains or blinds at peak heat can keep solar heat out, or provide insulation keeping the heat in on cold days.