2022 OSD Holiday Concert Schedule

Two middle school students dressed in white shirts and red bow ties (Washington Middle School colors) pose for a photo during a band concert

Friends, family and the public are invited to attend our Olympia School District 2022 holiday concerts. Please be aware that any concert dates/times (listed below) will be updated on the district website should there be any changes.

December 1, 2022

Reeves Middle School Band & Orchestra Winter Concert

  • 7 pm – Olympia High School Performing Arts Center (PAC)

December 5, 2022

Washington Middle School Orchestra Concert

  •  7 pm – Olympia High School Performing Arts Center (PAC)

December 7, 2022

 Washington Middle School Choir Concert

  • 6 pm – Olympia High School Performing Arts Center (PAC)

Jefferson Middle School Winter Band Concert

  • 7 pm – JMS Gym

Reeves Middle School & Thurgood Marshall MS Choir Concert

  • 7:30 pm – Olympia High School Performing Arts Center (PAC)

Washington Middle School Band Concert

  • 7 pm – WMS

December 8, 2022

 McLane Elementary School K-2nd Grade Concert

  •  1:30 pm – McLES

December 9, 2022

 McLane Elementary School 3rd-5th Grade Concert

  •  1:30 pm – McLES

 Boston Harbor Elementary School Winter Concert

  •  1 pm – BHES (General Music and Orchestra)

 Pioneer Elementary School Band and Orchestra and Concert

  •  1:45 pm – PES

December 12, 2022

Thurgood Marshall Middle School Orchestra & Band Concert

  • Orchestra 6 pm – Capital High School Performing Arts Center (PAC)
  • Band 6:45 pm – Capital High School Performing Arts Center (PAC)

Olympia High School Non-Auditioned Band, Choir and Orchestra

  • 7:30 pm – Olympia High School Performing Arts Center (PAC)

December 13, 2022

Capital High School Band, Choir and Orchestra Concert

  • 7 pm – CHS

Olympia High School Auditioned Groups Band, Choir and Orchestra

  • 7:30 pm – OHS

Olympia Regional Learning Academy (ORLA) Orchestra Concert

  • 2 pm – ORLA

Madison Elementary School All School Winter Sing

  • 2 pm – MES

December 14, 2022

Jefferson Middle School Orchestra Concert

  • 7 pm – Capital High School Auditorium

December 15, 2022

 Centennial Elementary School 4th/5th Instrumental and Vocal Concert

  • 1:15 pm – CES

Capital High School Band, Choir and Orchestra

  • 7 pm – CHS

Olympia High School Auditioned Groups Band, Choir and Orchestra

  • 7:30 pm – OHS

December 16, 2022

 Capital High School Music Assembly Concert

  • 7 pm – CHS

Washington Middle School Music Department Assembly

  • TBD – WMS

Guaranteed Admissions program available for qualifying students

Guaranteed Admissions Program log, orange and gray with the wording Washington Guaranteed Admissions Program

Olympia School District has partnered with the Guaranteed Admissions Program (GAP) and two private universities which provide increased opportunities to attend college.

For the GAP program, juniors will receive information, and seniors who qualify will receive guaranteed admission letters for up to seven Washington state colleges and universities.

In order for colleges to send acceptance letters, students must give permission to release student information for the purpose of higher education through Skyward Family Access.

Participating colleges and universities include:

Guaranteed Admissions Program (Qualifying Juniors and Seniors)

  • Central Washington University (CWU)
  • Eastern Washington University (EWU)
  • The Evergreen State College (Evergreen)
  • Washington State University (WSU)
  • Western Washington University (WWU)

Private Institutions (Qualifying Seniors)

  • Pacific Lutheran University (PLU)
  • Saint Martin’s University (SMU)

For more information about each guaranteed admission opportunity, please visit the Guaranteed Admissions Program webpage on the district website.

Thurston County School Retirees’ Association mini-grant applications due by October 24

wooden tiles spell out the word "Application"

Applications are being accepted for the Thurston County School Retirees’ Association elementary, middle school and high school mini-grants for the 2022-23 school year. Grants are provided for school employees to acquire materials or provide experiences for their students above and beyond what is paid for by district funds.

This year, members are eligible for awards of up to $300 and non-members are eligible for up to $250. Applications can be found and submitted online at www.wssra-units.org/thurstoncounty.

Questions? Contact Nancy Zabel  NancyZabel4@gmail.com (elementary) or Karen Keller kckrailfan@gmail.com (secondary).

Applications must be received by October 24, 2022.

Panorama Fall Survey is open until October 14

Please remember to take the Fall 2022 Panorama Social-Emotional Learning, Well-Being and Climate Survey.

There is one survey link for classroom teachers and other instructional staff, and another survey link for non-instructional staff. The survey link for families is posted on the district website, and students may access the link in the OSD Student Portal.

If you are an ORLA staff person, please choose the “ORLA” dropdown. If you work in one of the district support buildings, please select the “District/Centennial” dropdown.

Latin American Heritage Month September 15 – October 15

Blue background with red and yellow lettering that states Latin American Heritage Month Also Known as Hispanic Heritage Month

From September 15 to October 15, Olympia School District will honor Hispanic and Latin American students and families as a part of Latin American Heritage Month (also known as Hispanic Heritage Month).

Olympia School District acknowledges that there are many identities held by these families (e.g., Hispanic, Chicano, Latinx, Mexican-American, Afro-Latino, etc.) Latin American was designated by staff as an overarching term that is distanced from the colonization ties to Spanish history.

OSD celebrates diversity and we will be demonstrating this in our schools all month long. Our goal is to amplify the voices of our multicultural and multilingual families by sharing their stories, their history and their achievements. We invite you to celebrate alongside us in uplifting members of our community that historically have been discriminated against and excluded.

We are here to support all of our families; if you and your family are in need, please reach out to your school to be connected with resources and individualized assistance.

The Teaching & Learning Team will be providing more resources throughout the month for the school district to collectively celebrate Latin American Heritage Month.

Panorama Fall Survey scheduled October 3-14

OSD Logo with words underneath reading "Panorama Fall Survey for Students, Staff & Families"

During the first two weeks of October, OSD students, staff and families will be asked to participate in the Panorama Fall Survey.

Here is a quick overview:

What: The Panorama Fall Survey is a survey that our students, families and staff members will take to gauge our overall well-being. Some of the items we explore include:

  • Do our students feel a strong sense of belonging?
  • Do our families feel like they are heard?
  • Do our staff feel supported?

The data that we receive from the Panorama survey will inform decision-making.


  1. Using Panorama makes the well-being of students, our families, and our staff the fundamental value in all decision-making and actions.
  2. The Panorama climate survey (in Fall and in Spring) is the bare minimum of hearing from our students and our families to inform our decision-making.
  3. The Panorama Climate Survey allows us to get a temperature check of where we are as a community. It allows us to see where we may need to dive deeper into our data to be intentional in our support. While we need to make sure we have multiple ways of hearing from and partnering with our students and families, the climate survey is one of the unique opportunities in which we can potentially hear from all of our students and families.


Panorama Fall Survey: October 3 – 14, 2022
Panorama Spring Survey: March 16 – 31, 2023

(Please check with your school when it will host the Panorama Fall Survey)  


  • Students will take the Panorama survey in class (as designated by each school).
  • Staff and families will be emailed a Panorama survey link to complete.
  • Surveys are provided in multiple languages including English, Spanish and Vietnamese.

Certificated and Admin educators: Save the date for Whole Child Institute August 17-18

Graphic of six OSD outcomes with OSD name in the center
Creating opportunities and shaping success for all students

Update August 16, 2022: This event has been canceled.

Purpose: Provide logistics about the 2022 Whole Child Institute taking place on Wednesday (8/17) & Thursday (8/18) from 8:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. in-person and virtually as an optional professional development experience for Certificated and Admin Educators.

To:  Certificated and Admin Educators
From:  Dr. Hannah Gbenro, Char Franz, Paula Perryman, and Sheralyn Weimer

Thank you for your commitment to equity in the interest of our students, families and community. Please consider joining us for the Second Annual Whole Child Institute (WCI). At WCI, Olympia School District (OSD) Educators will have an opportunity to collaborate with each other through activities that focus on culturally responsive practices, community building, student empowerment and partnering to plan forward for making a difference together in the new school year.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When is it? Where is it? Who is coming?

  • *August 17 – 18, 2022 from 8:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.
  • Capital High School
  • Certificated and Admin Educators

*Lunch will be provided

How can I be compensated for engaging in learning through WCI?
As Certificated Educators, you can use your Olympia Educator Association (OEA) Professional Development Hours for engaging in professional growth through WCI.

What is the focus of WCI 2022? What does Whole Child mean?
Our goal is to ensure students are healthy, safe, supported, engaged and academically challenged; this is a foundational commitment woven within our OSD Student Outcomes. Our Whole Child strategy supports students, so they’ll be successful in school and in life. Whole Child practices from our Boardroom to our classrooms and within our day-to-day work are more relevant today than ever before; each step we take toward breathing life into a Whole Child system is what our students need and what they deserve. With culturally responsive social-emotional learning, inclusivity and anti-racism at the heart of our efforts to intentionally meet the opportunities of our students, a Whole Child approach is a natural fit.

What will WCI be like? Will there be breakout sessions?
WCI will involve Breakout Sessions and Workshops. This will support collaboration and opportunities for leadership.

Breakout Sessions

  • Content Collaboration Groups: These Breakout Sessions involve collaboration with job-alike Educators. Our educators reported feeling like they want training and materials that can help them hit the ground running as early as the first day of school. These groups are led and created by content leaders to support the vertical and horizontal alignment of high-quality practices rooted in equity, data-informed and student-centered approach. These groups will run on August 17 from 9:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m.
  • (Update August 1, 2022) Current Content Collaboration groups include: K-12 School Counselors, K-12 Music, Elementary Family Liaisons, 4th-12th grade Comprehensive Sexual Health Education.
  • More Content Collaboration Groups will be defined as Educators register for WCI.
  • Whole Child Breakout Sessions: These workshops invite educators from different roles to grow their practices to ensure that our students and their families receive high-quality and equity-focused practices.

Workshops during WCI will include professional development customized for you. With a focus on practices for furthering the Whole Child, Whole Educator and Whole Community approach within your role.

How can I get involved?

You are talented, and we need you! Please consider presenting a workshop at WCI 2022 by filling out a workshop proposal on this form.

Workshop proposals will be reviewed by a panel of OSD Educators based on alignment to (a) focus of WCI 2022 and (b) State and National best practices within the given content area/focus. Workshops will be 90-minutes long, interactive experiences.

Workshops can be submitted through Wednesday, August 10 and presenters will be notified by August 12 if they have been accepted. We apologize for the quick turnaround, and we look forward to enhanced communication opportunities next year.

When filling out the form, we will ask for:

  1. Workshop Title
  2. Workshop Description
  3. Your First and Last Name
  4. Brief Professional Biography

[For your information] The form provides the following information to potential presenters – Technology & Resources Available. Room Set-Up and Participant Access to Technology.

Who do I contact with questions?
Please complete this form and a member of the T&L Team will respond within 24-hours.

How do I register? When will I learn more?
More information will come through an email toward the beginning of the Week of August 8 about:

  • More details on the Content Collaboration Groups we’re officially hosting and specific breakout sessions
  • Registration information (e.g., PD Enroller, Dietary Restrictions information for lunch, etc.,) and clock hours

T&L Team Vision: To Partner with stakeholders in the interest of furthering our Student Outcomes through the lens of equity.

T&L Team Mission: With equity at the forefront, our T&L Team Mission is to equip, empower, and collaborate with stakeholders for increased individual and collective potential for the benefit of the Whole Child, Whole Educator, & Whole Community.

Your voice is important: curriculum, assessment and more!

Laptop computer on table with two persons reviewing writing on paper while holding pencils as if to edit

This blog post was submitted by the Teaching & Learning Team

Opportunities to provide input that will influence updates to Policy 2020, related procedures and follow-up action plans include:

  1. Completing this survey by May 6
    1. Key audience: All OSD Educators/Staff, Families, Students, and Community Members
  2. Participating in a districtwide OSD Policy 2020 Focus Group
    1. Co-facilitated by Instructional Coaches Katie Savinski, Casey Church and Malia Lee with Dr. Cherlyn Pijanowski, senior director of Teaching & Learning, for the Teaching & Learning (T&L) Team
    1. Participants attend one session: Tuesday, April 26 @ 3:30-4:30 p.m. or Thursday, April 28 @ 4:30-5:30 p.m. at Knox Room 202 A/B
    1. Clock hours available through pdEnroller
    1. Key audience: OSD Educators/Staff

Background on Instructional Materials Policy Need for Update: Equity

Our district board of directors and superintendent’s office have been leading efforts around Equity Policy Development. While this long-term, sustainable work is taking place, our board has made it clear it will not wait to charge our district with moving forward as equity opportunities are unveiled.

Based on a data dive during the March 3, 2022 Board Work Study, our district was charged with updating Instructional Materials Policy 2020 and ensuring involvement of stakeholders in the process.

“Instructional Materials” Defined

Instructional Materials include course design and course code approvals, curriculum across all content areas and grade-levels spanning digital applications and physical curricular supports, and assessments to support learning and instruction.

Current Policy 2020

Our current Policy 2020 and procedures related to 2020 are on the OSD Board Policies and Procedures webpage. Policy 2020 was last updated in 2020 and serves as a foundation to charting a course for Teaching & Learning to partner with stakeholders for evaluating instructional materials (curriculum, assessment, course design & course offerings, etc.) and partnering on action plans moving forward in the interest of student success.

Purpose of Policy

The purpose of board-adopted policies is outlined on our Board Policy Review webpage. Policies are “essentially the governing documents by which the Olympia School District operates” and “are based on laws and regulations.” Procedures are developed by administrative staff to implement Board-adopted policies.

Leadership & Timeline

These Policy 2020 update efforts are being led by Dr. Hannah Gbenro, chief academic officer (CAO), in partnership with leaders across our T&L Team, school and community.

Learning from stakeholders is expected to conclude the evening of May 1 so that data can be analyzed to influence Policy 2020 updates, Procedure 2020 updates and/or action plans that will launch after policy recommendations are made to the board.

The first reading of the updated Policy 2020 is scheduled for May 14, 2022 at the board meeting.

A full, high-level timeline is included in the Policy 2020 Update, Project Charter (Action Plan).

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Save the date: Launch of 2022-23 professional growth

Photograph of tree trunk, branches and leaves taken from base of tree pointing upward to the sky

The following post is from the Teaching & Learning Team

Each year, our district provides opportunities to exercise learning courage as we launch into a new school year.

For the 2022-2023 school year, these professional growth opportunities will be planned by a Professional Growth Planning Committee that leverages multiple data points.

Opportunities to Participate

Your voice is important! Survey opportunities. By early next week, our annual certificated staff professional growth survey will be emailed directly to help inform planning forward. Please participate in this survey so we can learn from your perspective.

Professional Growth Planning Committee opportunity. If you’re interested in serving on a Planning Committee for Admin Retreat, Whole Child Institute, and/or the districtwide LID Days, please complete this RSVP form that closes on Monday, May 2.

Please Save the Date

Please save the date for the opportunities outlined below, which will provide opportunities for us to exercise learning courage individually and collectively.

Opportunities are listed in order of date. The planning committee will plan for all professional growth to take place in-person unless health authority guidance changes over the summer to cause a shift to virtual.

Administrative (Admin) Institute

  • August 10-11 (full days) and August 12 (half day)
  • Audience: District Leadership Team (all principals and district administrators)
  • Information learned through the anonymous survey will help the Planning Committee. Superintendent’s Cabinet is open to innovative recommendations from the Planning Committee about continued learning beyond Admin Retreat based on trends.

Whole Child Institute

  • August 17-18 (full days)
  • Audience: All OSD Certificated Educators
  • This is optional and will be designed by the Planning Committee, with a goal of communicating foundational logistics before going to summer vacation. Based on feedback from content and role-specific leadership teams so far, there’s a desire for customized pathways for learning, which will be informed by the upcoming certificated professional growth survey.

Districtwide LID Day

  • Aug. 31 (full day)
  • Audience: All OSD Employees
  • This is a districtwide kickoff with a focus on kicking off our updated Strategic Plan and our school year.

Building LID Day

  • Sept. 1 (full day) and Oct. 7 (full day)
  • Audience: All OSD Educators
  • This is a districtwide kickoff with learning onsite centered within development of and collaboration around the School Improvement Plan (SIP) in support of the student and educator success.

Mandatory Day

  • Sept. 6 (full day)
  • Audience: OEA Staff
  • More information to follow. Current language is at the top of p. 97 in the current OEA-OSD Contract.

More information will follow in May and June as the planning task forces begin to meet and respond to the data that’s being collected through the certificated staff professional growth survey being launched in this communication. This content will also be messaged directly with fellow educators beginning next week.