Timesheet Tuesdays

Some employees have raised concerns that they are unable to submit for their time worked in order to be paid. We do not want barriers to staff being paid. In fact, the whole purpose of the new system is to make getting paid easier and faster. Therefore, we have implemented a couple of changes and will do more as we understand what aspects of our timesheet system are a barrier and how we can improve.

  • Timesheet Tuesdays: Virtual Office hours every Tuesday morning and afternoon, through June 21, 2022. We will help you through your stack of submissions (see links at the end of this blog post).
  • One-on-one phone support. We will walk you through accessing the form and getting started, or help you with a problem submission.
  • Working through your stack and running into an issue, email help-payroll@osd.wednet.edu
  • Video tutorials, easier access: many short (1 minute) tutorials are developed for each employee group and type of time. Now there is easier access to the tutorials from the online forms intranet page.

Help: I Cannot Submit a Timesheet!

My timesheet (item) has been rejected by a supervisor or program manager.

If a supervisor or program manager rejects your timesheet item, they give a reason and that reason is emailed to you. If you understand the reason, great, you can resubmit the item. If not please seek help from the Payroll Office and they will research it for you.

I keep trying to submit, but the system will not let me.

If you are never able to submit a timesheet item (for example, your name key is not correct or the name of the person that you substituted for–Internal Substitute–is not correct) you must reach out to the Payroll Office so that they can research the problem and help you. The Payroll Office does not get notified that you have attempted to but have been unsuccessful at submitting a timesheet item. Therefore, you must reach out for help.

Please see below for the multiple options for how to get help from the Payroll Office

Virtual Office Hours, Tuesday Timesheet Help

The Payroll Office staff will offer virtual office hours with the following zoom links each Tuesday for a total of one hour, through June 21, 2022. Drop in at any point of these zooms, and they will help you as long as it takes. Others may be in the zoom also; if your question is one that you would like to discuss in private, they will create a break out room and problem solve with you one-on-one.

Please note, if you arrive into the virtual office later in the window (e.g., 7:55 am), the time will not end; Payroll will stay to help you.

Tuesdays 7:30-8 am: Tuesday AM Timesheet Help Session
Tuesdays 3:30-4 pm: Tuesday PM Timesheet Help Session

One-on-One Phone Support

Please dial 360-596-6190.  Payroll staff will send you a zoom link, share screens and walk you through help or just coach you on the phone. Office hours are typically 8 am to 4:30 pm, but may vary during breaks and holidays.

Submit an Issue and We will Research It

If you are experiencing trouble with a submission, please email the payroll office with a short description of the problem. help-payroll@osd.wednet.edu

Video Tutorials

On the online forms webpage, there is a new link to the video tutorials. These are divided by employee group and type of time. This way, as you are filling out a form, and having difficulty you can more easily access the tutorial.

Image of the district website payroll page that says "Payroll ?How to use these forms"

This link takes you to the many 1-minute videos and written tutorials:

This image shows where on the payroll page of the website to find the online tutorials. go to Olympia Education Association (OEA) Certificated dropdown, then see three tutorial videos: Type of timesleep, Allocated Hours and Internal Substitute.

New HELP Box

Next to the online forms, we have added a new box with key links for easy access to help. All of the items described above, have a reminder or link in this box.

This displays links that are next to the online forms: They are:
Submit a Timesheet
Search my Timesheets
Submit Time Off
Supervisors Approve Timesheets
The image also include a box with the email for help, which is help-payroll@osd.wednet.edu, or all 360-596-6190. It also lists the times for Timesheet Tuesday Zoom help, which are included in the text in the article